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Pneumatic motor

code: 140501440

component for compressors

use: Current collector shoe - railcars line 1

The pneumatic motor is one of the main components of the current collector shoe. In case of air failure within the cylinder, the plug is in rest position; by entering air in the cylinder, the mobile piston moves and wins the antagonistic action of the back spring, up to getting in contact with the bottom cover.
In these conditions, the shoe is in contact with the rail. The cylinder body is obtained by melting steel 520 UNI3158 EGF, processed
by CNC machine tools and then ground and polished, to obtain the requested roughness Ra 0.4 μm.
The piston is obtained by turning and honing on sealing surfaces. The fork rod is obtained by machining, subject to case hardening and tempering, and subsequently ground. Pneumatic motors, assembled, are leak tested at 7 bar.

Pneumatic motor

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    codice: B00000373
    impiego d'uso: COMPRESSOR TYPE CGE CPS 130

    urban transport

    L.P. cylinder

    codice: 367159000
    impiego d'uso: COMPRESSOR TYPE 241

    urban transport

    Inlet and compression valve

    codice: inlet valve 316400000 / compression valve 316403000
    impiego d'uso: COMPRESSOR TYPE 241