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Electromagnetic track brake

code: B00000432

Electromagnetic pad brake

use: Bogies type MR 063 ET.81 R-P

The electromagnetic track brakes is used as a supplementary emergency brake. In this system, the braking force is derived directly from friction of the shoe on the track.
The electromagnetic track brakes is directly connected to the carriage frame and is driven by actuators, which, where applicable, lower the shoe; when powered, the coil generates a magnetic field that attracts the polar plates of the shoe on the rail and then magnetic force becomes a braking force.
The electromagnetic track brakes consists of a frame in electro-welded carbon steel and is tool machined; the coil and the polar plates are mounted on it. The polar plates are hot forged in high magnetic permeability steel and are arranged in pairs side by side, with a suitable shape so to close the magnetic flux between the coil and the rail. They are connected so as to make their assembly and disassembly quick and easy.
The company F.lli Bigaran designs and manufactures electromagnetic track brakes according to the specifications required by the customer.

Electromagnetic track brake

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