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Driving flexible coupling

code: B00000363

components for transmission joints

use: Electro-motives MR100-200-300

The fl exible coupling, or bi-torsion shock absorber, is the joint connecting the drive motor and the gearbox. The driving flexible element is represented by the Giubo coupling, consisting of rubber dowels arranged in an octagonal shape.
With this feature, the coupling has excellent damping and also works as a fl exible coupling between the driving and driven elements, absorbing very high torque peaks.

The two flanges allowing the connection to the motor and drive shaft are coupled together on friction bearings (bushings) and have the following manufacturing cycle:

1. hot forging

2. heat reclamation treatment

3. laboratory tests
• magnetic check at 100%
• chemical analysis
• pull test
• impact test
• hardness test
• micrographic examination to inspect the structure

4. shot peening treatment to increase the strength resistance.

5. mechanical machining

6. grinding

7. final test
• dimensional check at 100%
• magnetic check at 100%

8. Mounting and assembly

Driving flexible coupling
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