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Crank shaft – T 660

code: 190900290

component for compressors

use: ComPREssoR T-660
Crank shaft - T 660

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    urban transport

    Pneumatic motor

    codice: 140501440
    impiego d'uso: Current collector shoe - railcars line 1
    The pneumatic motor is one of the main components of the current collector shoe. In case of air failure within…

    urban transport


    codice: B00000373
    impiego d'uso: COMPRESSOR TYPE CGE CPS 130

    urban transport

    L.P. cylinder

    codice: 367159000
    impiego d'uso: COMPRESSOR TYPE 241

    urban transport

    Inlet and compression valve

    codice: inlet valve 316400000 / compression valve 316403000
    impiego d'uso: COMPRESSOR TYPE 241