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Archways with reinforced roof

code: FB 924061000

railway components

use: Metro MI linea 1

The ARCHWAYS WITH REINFORCED ROOFS are electro-welded structures in EN-AW 7020 T6 alloy (PAlZn4, 5MgTA UNI 7791) ordered to us by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi to reinforce the roof of the carriages of type 4900.
They are made using special aluminium profi les whose matrices have been specifi cally built (see Figure 1). The welded joints are made with MIG 131 process. The welding procedures are approved according to EN 288-4 and operators are qualifi ed in accordance with EN 287-2.

Archways with reinforced roof
2364mm x 294mm – height 370mm
EN AW 7020 T6 alloy

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    urban transport

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