electrical and insulating
technologies division

Operating since 2000, our division studies and applies the properties of minerals in the field of high-tech insulation. The ambition is to create innovative and non-standard products, complex shapes made to design or sample, and unique details. All this is made possible thanks to our internal laboratory, equipped with the most advanced instruments of investigation and experimentation,
in collaboration with the most established professionals in the sector and important Italian, European and American research centres (University of Genoa Department of Electrical Engineering, CNR-ISTEC in Faenza, Mersen research centre in Lyon).
The production chain is organized to ensure quality control, to allow complete traceability of materials and components, and to keep the archive (paper-mechanographic) of what has been realized updated.


We are considered a reference point for the production of ceramic and composite products. We develop materials that are resistant to arc, high temperature, thermal shock, vibration; new materials that comply with the strict regulations of the various sectors of use.
made with economic, ecological, time-saving industrial processes.

The main applications:

  • trains and subways: arc extinguishing chambers for medium and high voltage with very low arc wear
  • shipbuilding industry: large-sized insulating panels
  • aerospace industry: highly reliable insulation parts
  • steel industry: thermal insulation for high temperatures and heavy-duty applications
  • industry: ceramic insulators and extinguishing chambers for high voltage operation

Our in-house laboratory is engaged in continuous research and development. The collaboration with Universities and specialized Research Centres is decisive. The Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Genoa has contributed to the development of arc resistance tests, applied voltage between plugs and dielectric strength tests. It has also been involved in the design of equipment for the control of the electrical characteristics of materials, in compliance with international standards.
The CNR-Istec of Faenza has collaborated in the structural, mechanical, physical and chemical definition of our most innovative products such as ceramic composites.


The innovative, eco-friendly, ductile ceramic composite for high power.

Refrarc p328 is flame retardant, based on a non-hydraulic bond consisting of refractory alumina and silicon oxide with particles joined by covalent bonding. The moderate heat treatment necessary to stabilise the bond prevents the propagation of vapours at high power.
Particularly versatile, it expands our range of unique plate technology for high power applications.
refrarc p 328 is the revolution in innovative refractory materials.
Those are the plusses:

  • minimal porosity
  • high mechanical strength
  • excellent thermal shock resistance
  • development of complex shapes
  • respect for the environment
  • no radioactive residue

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The new generation of insulation, versatile, economical.

Born after 10 years of studies and research, refrarc gcs is based on calcium aluminate, containing glass fibres and silicone resin. It is produced cold allowing energy saving and reduced emission of CO2 and pollutants.
refrarc gcs is the evolution in the field of innovative refractory materials
Those are the plusses:

  • optimal fracture toughness
  • large refractoriness
  • exceptional arc resistance
  • development of complex shapes of considerable size
  • without asbestos and additives harmful to humans
  • respect for the environment

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  • Optical emission spectrometer GNR – SOLARIS CCD Plus – Complete with the following bases : steel (all types),aluminum (all types), copper alloys
  • three-dimensional measuring machine DEA Mistral measuring range 1000mm x 700mm x 500mm
  • Test bench granite POLI meas. 1400mm x 800mm
  • Test bench cast iron meas. 2400mm x 1200mm
  • Equipment for magnetic checks TemaFlux (Electromagnetic Yoke Mod.48V double-jointed – Wood’s lamp reflector PS135 – Labio)
  • Equipment control ultrasonic IMG Model D20 Plus with probes flat and angular
  • Roughness ALPA RT – 30
  • Digital Device for the measurement of non-magnetic layers of magnetic materials and of insulating layers on iron materials.
  • Column digital metering instruments 0-600.
  • Digital dial with ability to set tolerance ranges for detecting series of shares.
  • A series of external micrometers (measuring capacity 0-500 mm).
  • Series of micrometers chucks for interior (measurement capabilities 0. -200 mm ).
  • Series of calipers (measuring capacity 0-1500 mm).
  • Durometer AFFRI with ability to run/check Rockwell and Brinell hardness.
  • Durometer AFFRI 3000 Kg for Automatic Brinell hardness with digital display and output data.
  • Series of smooth rings certificates (SIT NAMAS) for calibrating micrometers and bore gauges.
  • Set of gauges 1/50 with measuring range 0 to 2000 mm
  • Series of gauge blocks certified (SIT NAMAS) for calibration of gauges and micrometers.
  • Precision Digital Thermometer (measurement capabilities -200/+1350° C )
  • Series of precision square rulers.
  • Buffers go/not go smooth and threaded and threaded report rings
  • Equipment to test arc resistance at high current and low voltage according to CEI 15/9
  • Equipment for leak testing at 15 kV according to CEI 15/9
  • Equipment to test arc resistance at high voltage and low current according to ASTM D495
  • Apparatus for stiffness test up to 30 kV
  • Electronic Microscope Motic Model SMZ168 with Optic Fiber Illuminator Motic Model MLC – 150C
  • GALDABINI QUASAR 2.5 Machine for measuring/evaluating bending resistance
Thanks to our skills and production capacity,
we can achieve the following in a short time
custom-made products even in small production batches.

arch-off chambers

electrical insulators

thermal insulators